Docker Quiz Play Booth
Docker Quiz Play Booth is the ultimate quiz show experience that puts you and up to 4 of your friends in the contestant trivia hot-seat. Define quiz experiences by customizing and personalizing the game the way they want to play. Choose your player profile and select your favorite round types and question topics. Players use fun and easy-to-use controllers to join in and select their answer.

The quizzing now need never end!
Łukasz Lach, Docker Captain <[email protected]>
any PC, laptop or Mac via Plug-and-Play bootable USB stick
  • Multi-player
  • Single-player
  • Controller support
  • Rewards
  • Login with DockerID
PEGI rating 3+

Docker Quiz features a database of questions covering knowledge required to pass the Docker Certified Associate exam.


Three different rounds and possibility to decide on question categories add more fun to your quiz!


Pick-Up-and-Play using dedicated buzzer controllers, your own mobile device and Internet access are no longer needed.


Set up the Docker Quiz Play Booth quickly on any computer by simply plugging in the USB stick. The possibilities are limitless.

Learn and play

Docker Quiz returns with the Play Booth version! Over 100 questions are included as up to four players participate in their choice of a game level and questions category.

Make the game you want to play

Before every round one player is drawn to select from question categories, this category is valid for five following questions.

Different challenges

There are three types of round in the game, each one with five questions. The Warm-up round allows you to build points. In the Fastest Finger round, the player who answers the question the fastest receives the most points. For High Stakes round, a brief description of the topic is displayed on-screen, players must decide how many points they wish to gamble.

Filled with Docker

A lot of useful and fun Docker content is displayed when the game waits for players to join.

  • DockerCon sessions
  • Docker tips & tricks
  • DockerCon sponsors

Track your progress

The podium screen shows detailed player ranking and point skills that need improvement.

Play with Docker ID

The game allows players to log in using Docker ID or use one of the predefined profiles.

Arcade games

Because we all love arcade games! It is easy and fast to setup several Docker Quiz Play Booth installations all over the DockerCon conference space. When nobody is playing the game still displays valuable and conference-related content.


Docker Quiz Play Booth is distributed as a bootable USB stick that works on any PC, laptop, and Mac. Plug it in, restart the computer and enjoy the fun. The game automatically detects plugged in controllers and sound support.


Utilizing the fun and easy-to-use buzzer controllers help players to top off this totally immersive quiz show experience. A controller has a "big red button" that can lighten up and four color answer buttons. Use your own mobile device if you want to log in with DockerID to import profile and avatar.

Manage with ease

Manage the database of categories and questions with Google Spreadsheets. New questions added and all changes made in general are automatically propagated to all running Docker Quiz instances.

System requirements
  • Docker Quiz Play Booth is designed to be run as a standalone system with hidden hardware (similar to a photo booth), built up around and branded with Docker and DockerCon design. One single computer (PC, laptop or Mac) with 2 video outputs can host two Play Booths at the same time, each one allowing up to 4 players.
  • System: any PC, laptop or Mac booted from USB stick (or Linux with Docker installed)
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Video: 1x HDMI / DisplayPort output, FullHD 1920×1080 display resolution
  • Audio: Handled together with video output through the same cable
  • Other: 1x USB input, Broadband Internet connection